Breaking Down the Anatomy of a Nursing School Entrance Exam

Entering nursing school is a significant and commendable step toward a rewarding career in healthcare. However, before you can start your training, you'll need to pass the entrance exam.

This exam evaluates your readiness for the rigorous academic and practical demands of nursing school. In this guide, we'll break down the anatomy of a typical nursing school entrance exam to help you prepare effectively.


The mathematics section of the nursing school entrance exam typically covers basic arithmetic, algebra, and geometry. These subjects assess your ability to perform calculations, solve equations, and understand shapes and measurements.

You'll likely encounter questions on fractions, percentages, ratios, and basic algebraic expressions. Understanding the test structure is key to efficient preparation; you should get familiar with the types of questions and the format in which they are presented. Practice these topics regularly to build your confidence and accuracy, ensuring you are well-prepared for exam day.


The science section is another crucial part of the nursing school entrance exam. It usually includes questions on biology, chemistry, and anatomy. This section tests your understanding of basic scientific concepts and their applications. You may be asked about cell structure, human organ systems, and chemical reactions.

A good content breakdown of your study material can help you focus on key topics. Regular revision of these concepts will ensure you grasp the essential information. Practical knowledge and real-world examples are also beneficial for this exam section.

Reading Comprehension

The reading comprehension section checks how well you understand what you read. You will get passages to read. Then, you answer questions about them. The passages can be about any topic. Sometimes they are stories. Other times, they are about things in science, history, or everyday life.

First, read the passage carefully. Then, think about what it says. The questions will ask you about the main idea. They may also ask about details. Sometimes, you need to figure out what someone means but does not say directly.

Practice reading every day. This will make you better at understanding what you read. After reading, try to explain the passage in your own words. This helps you remember the information. Good reading skills make it easier to learn other things.

English and Language Usage

In the English and Language Usage section of the nursing school entrance exam, you will be tested on your understanding of basic grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure. This part of the exam checks if you can communicate clearly and effectively, which is crucial for any healthcare professional.

You will also need to show your knowledge of vocabulary and spelling. Practicing these skills can help you score well. For more tips and practice material, check out this guide to ati teas7 exam.

Learn All About Nursing School Entrance Exam

In summary, passing the nursing school entrance exam is important. It shows you are ready for the tough work ahead in nursing school. By practicing math, science, reading, and English, you can do well. Take time to study each subject. Use practice tests to see what you need to learn more. Stay positive and keep working hard.

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